Age 94

Sister Virginia Lacker was a Sister of Mercy for 76 years. We will remember her as a joyful spirit among us; her hearty laugh is a pleasant memory that lifts our hearts.

Sister Virginia began her teaching ministry. For 26 years, she was totally committed to her elementary and secondary education students in the Dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre, New York.

As assistant director of the Martin Deporres Group Home, she brought her talents and compassion to address the social and emotional needs of the residents. In this ministry with the Christian Brothers, she significantly influenced the lives of at-risk young boys. So high was their regard for her work among them that the brothers welcomed her in a ceremony of affiliation. Those 24 years were highlighted by her trip to Rome and meeting with the then Pope, now St. Pope John Paul II.

Sister Virginia’s motto was “behold the handmaid of the lord.” She joyfully lived this motto. Her love of family, friends, and community was reciprocated, and we say, well done, good and faithful servant, rest in peace.