Sister Anne Marie Miller

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Sister Anne Marie Miller has been a member of the Institute Leadership Team (ILT) since 2017. Previously, she served on the West Midwest Community Leadership Team in Omaha, Nebraska. Anne Marie serves as ILT liaison to the Institute New Membership Team, Mercy Education System of the Americas and Mercy Focus on Haiti,

A native of Dublin, Ireland, she entered the Sisters of Mercy in Auburn, California. An educator by training, Anne Marie holds a master’s degree in religious studies and has taught elementary and middle school, been an athletic director and served as principal of two Catholic elementary schools in the Diocese of Sacramento, California.

Of her life in Mercy, Anne Marie says,

“There have been many learnings, but I think the most significant happened during the six months I stayed in Ireland after my father died. That was the longest time I was away from the Community since I had entered. It was during that time that my ‘call’ to religious life and to Mercy in particular deepened. Being out of my ‘regular’ U.S. routine of ministry and community life helped me to be much more attentive to and intentional about my being a Sister of Mercy. My time away from the community gave me the opportunity to redirect my wholehearted ‘yes’ to God and my religious life. So it continues to be for me today—to serve in elected leadership, to my sisters in Community and to our suffering world.”

Sister Anne Marie Miller, Institute Leadership Team Member