By Marianne Comfort, member of the Mercy Justice Team

Last week, we looked at national nutrition guidelines and how they can steer us toward healthier eating for people and planet. 

But how do households keep that “healthy plate” in mind when meal planning and food shopping? Eating only plant-based foods, commonly known as a vegan diet, is the ideal. But the next-best options are cutting way back on beef, lamb and dairy.  A 2022 New York Times article breaks it all down, ranking everything from seafood to non-dairy milks by measures such as carbon emissions and land and water use. 

Green Tip 

Consider the options in the article and make a commitment to change one part of your diet. If you decide to eat less meat, you’ll find some tasty recipes in our Mercy Meatless Mondays booklet. This latest version of the guide includes “recipe notes” to help you consider what other sustainable choices you can incorporate into each meal.