Reimagining My Future

byRoz Parr

By Mercy Volunteer Naiomi Gonzalez — I don’t know what my future holds. I wish God would tell me, “Hey, Naiomi, after this year you need to do X,Y,Z,” but for some reason, God doesn’t work like that (at least in my life). I do know, that for the next few months, I’ll be working in a job I love in an environment where my supervisor and colleagues believe and support one another.

A Calling to be Present

byRoz Parr

By Mercy Volunteer Lauren Scheunemann, Detroit, Michigan —
When I was discerning what to do after I graduated from college, there was truly no question as to whether or not I wanted to commit to a year of service, it was just a matter of where and with what program. After my application and interview process with Mercy Volunteer Corps (MVC), it was clear to me this is where I belonged.

So Much More Than Stayin’ Alive

byRoz Parr

By Mercy Volunteer Susan Donnelly — Some days, the world around us may feel like “stayin’ alive” is a reasonable goal. Here at Mercy Center we hope and work for so much more.