By Jason Giovannetonne, Climate and Sustainability Director 

 Composting is important to waste reduction.   For the next few weeks, we will outline simple steps for composting. The first step is to locate your compost pile and select the bin or type of structure you would like to use.  The following video does a great job providing a detailed overview of how to start composting. 

Compost Pile/Bin Location: Select a location that is in the shade and at the top of a slope if there is one. Planting in the shade prevents plants from growing on your compost pile. The uphill end of a slope is recommended because compost is much more dense and heavier than the ingredients you use to create the pile; it will be easier to haul the finished compost downhill when needed. Your compost pile should not be too far from where you will be using the compost.   

Bin Type: You can use a simple open structure such as the wooden one shown in the video or a more elaborate (and typically plastic) option that facilitates mixing and aeration to increase the speed of the compost process.  There is no correct answer here; it really comes down to individual preference.   

Green Tip 

Identify a good location on your property for a compost pile. Determine which type of bin you prefer.  A quick internet search should provide many options to consider.