Mercy Tips to Care for Earth

Saving Energy in the Winter

By Kira Hagan, Justice Intern 

As winter approaches it is time to explore different ways to conserve energy in our homes. Whether you use a fireplace, wood stove or furnace, these two tips will help your home be more sustainable during the colder months.  

Tip 1 – Heat your home with the sun. 

Open your shades, especially on your south-facing windows, and allow the sun to shine into your home. Then at night close them to keep the heat in. 

Tip 2 – Seal leaks around openings to the outside.  

Doors and windows are the most common places to have a broken seal. This allows the heat that is inside your home to escape outside, making your heating system work harder and use more energy. Take a few minutes to examine your windows and doors to see if the seals are all secure. If there is a leak, caulk or weather strip those areas, or if you are a renter, contact your maintenance manager to do it for you. Clear plastic sheeting taped firmly to the inside will help as well.  

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